My dog is not very well behaved, does it matter?

Not at all!
All my sessions are as un-rushed as possible and I use every trick in the book to keep the attention of the stars of the show. Please don’t let your dog’s behaviour hold you back from booking a session! More often than not it’s these naughty little quirks that we miss the most when our best friends are gone.


I have more than two pets, can I have them all photographed?

Most definitely! please contact me and I’ll provide a customised quote for you.


Can I be in the photos?

Definitely! I love capturing the special bond between pet and owner.


My dog doesn't have much time left. Is there a special session?

I’m so sorry.  Our pet’s lives are tragically short.  Tribute Sessions are available for those pets that are at the end of their time with us.  They are regular home or location sessions, but I will give every effort to adjust my schedule to squeeze you in as soon as possible.

Please send me an email and I'll arrange a shoot expediciously!


Can you take photos of our kids/family during the session?

Since I am predominantly a pet photographer, the focus of my work will always be on your pets. If you are looking for someone to take child or family portraits where the focus is on the people, let me know and I can recommend an excellent portrait photographer in your area (often they’ll be able to include your pets in a few of the images as well).


How do I choose a location?

I’ll work with you to determine the best possible location suited to your pet.
Beautiful locations enhance the final look of your images, so I always recommend considering picturesque spots such as your local park, beach, or foreshore. When you book, I’ll send you my Location Guide to help you choose.

A home environment can sometimes be the best option for young or elderly dogs, or those lacking in confidence, just as long as there is some open outside space and abundant light. Open shade under trees, awnings or decks can provide some lovely soft and filtered light, while uncluttered rooms with big windows or skylights may be suitable for indoor settings.

Do you offer gift certificates?

You’re in luck – I offer beautiful custom designed gift certificates that include the session fee plus an order credit for the recipient to spend on prints and products. Find out more about gift certificate pricing and options here.


Do you offer payment plans?

I understand that for various reasons, many people need to stick to a weekly budget. For this reason, I offer interest-free payment plans on all print and product orders. You can choose to pay an agreed amount per week, fortnight or month and you’ll be sent convenient email reminders when your payments are due.



Pet Portrait Session

  • Pre-Shoot consultation at your home

  • Up to 2 hours session on location

  • Up to 2 pets (+ human family)

  • The best quality treats/catnip for your BFF

  • 12-14 Hours of meticulous, professional image editing

  • Up to 20 high quality images

Where possible I like scheduling a meeting at your home with you and your pet so that they can get to know me and my camera and we can get a feel for each other. This is also a great time to find out what kind of prints you might be interested in. 

I want your shoot to be a relaxed and fun experience for you and your pet. If you feel calm your pet will definitely respond in kind and feel relaxed and confident. 
Shoots are always on-location. I prefer shooting dogs in natural environments and besides, we’re spoiled for choice in Cape Town with incredible forests, beaches and mountains to go exploring in together, although if your fondest memories of your pet are at your home and you’d like to capture that, I’d be more than happy to have our shoot at your homestead! 

About two weeks after your shoot we will meet either at your home or my studio (whichever you prefer) for me to reveal your edited final images and for you to place any orders for printed products.  


Book your session

Once you’ve checked out the pricing info and decided to go ahead, fill out the booking form with your preferred date. I prefer to schedule sessions for midweek, but do have weekend availability (small surcharge for weekends) Late afternoon in the couple of hours before sunset is the ideal time – this ensures we get the very best quality light – soft, warm and vibrant. We can also do very early morning sessions if need be.

Once you’ve booked and we’ve settled on a date, I’ll send a link so you can complete the booking process online. This involves completing a questionnaire (where you tell me all about your pet’s appearance, personality and quirks), signing the session agreement and paying your session fee.

Select the perfect location

I’ll send you my Location Guide when you book which includes many great spots across Cape Town including beaches, parks, forests and urban areas.
Choosing the perfect location plays a huge part in the final look of your photos. I’ll work with you to determine the best possible location suited to your pet!


Get ready for your photo session

When your booking has been confirmed, I’ll send through my Session Preparation Guide which outlines how to prepare yourself and your pet for the big day, helping our session run as smoothly as possible.

We’ll also need to keep an eye on the weather forecasts. The weather on the day of your session is very important, as my style relies on great natural sunlight. The better the weather is on the day (lots of natural sunshine, calm conditions and limited cloud cover) the better your images will turn out.

If the weather proves unsuitable, we’ll simply reschedule the session to another day at no extra charge

Enjoy your photo session

The photo session is an adventure to look forward to!

For very active dogs, we might try and tire them out first, so there might be lots of playing, running, chasing and general fun and games. If your dog is shy or timid, we might sit around and chat while they get used to me.

I will work with your pet to capture their unique character – that cute kink in their tail, soft floppy ears, or big toothsome grin.

Your job during the session? Just be natural, chill out and relax – dogs have the amazing abillity to pick up on human emotions. The more relaxed their beloved master is, the better they respond, especially if you’ve chosen to be in some of the photos too!


Keep an eye out for your sneak peeks

After the session I carefully select and edit the very best images. During this process, my early favourites will be posted as “sneak peeks” on Facebook, often within a couple of days.

Make sure you follow my Madeleine Poolman Creative Imagery Facebook page so you don’t miss these!

Choose your favourites

After the photo session we’ll make a date to meet up at my consult room in Royal Ascot for your Viewing and Ordering Session. This will usually be around a week after your photo session and is an event to look forward to!

The full set of final edited images will be available for viewing for the very first time. You get to sit back and relax while ooh’ing and ahh’ing over your images as you flick through them all at your leisure.

All the gorgeous high quality products I offer will be on display, giving you the opportunity to experience them in person before making your choices


Fall in love with your products!

Depending on what you order, your products will be ready for collection from my Royal Ascot consult room around 4-8 weeks later. I love this moment, as you finally get to see just how amazing your favourite shots look in print! I’ll follow up a few days later by sending you a link to my online feedback form. Finally, keep an eye out for a personalised post about your session on my blog .

Now that you’re part of the Madeleine Poolman Creative Imagery family, you’ll always be kept updated with the latest news, specials and products. You are always welcome to place additional orders at a later stage from your files which are kept safely stored for two years.

More questions? Check out the F.A.Q. or contact me directly.