Puppy Fen's Portrait Session

Meeting and getting to photograph Fen was something really special. 
Found as a stray tied with chord to a lamppost along the busy M5 highway and rescued by an amazing mom, Fen is an incredible little Labrador pup who only wants to make his mom Jenna happy. Incredibly clever and dangerously cute, I really had to work hard at making photos and not getting caught up in kissing and cuddling this wonderful boy all shoot long!


Lyla, Thuli & Kasper's Family Pet Portraits

I have to admit, from the moment dog-mom Nancy got in touch about a shoot with her and her parents’ dogs, I was so excited I could hardly stand it! 

German Shepherds are one of my favourite breeds, and I would jump at the chance to make some portraits with one, nevermind three!

Lyla (11 weeks), Thuli (6 months) and Kasper (4 years) were such a fun bunch to shoot. 
We had the amazing fortune of having the shoot in her parents' beautiful garden in Constantia, complete with a lavender field, an avocado grove and a little crop of olive trees

Unfortunately Nancy couldn't be at the shoot with her pups because her little baby girl decided to come a few days early, so she recruited her best friends, hubby and mom in as stand-in crew, and even though Thuli was being a typical crazy teen and Lyla was being her ditsy puppy self, we managed to work together to make some stunning photos of this wild bunch!

Below some of my favourite shots from the day! 

Champers' Deer Park Adventure Shoot

Everything about our shoot with the bubbly Champers was just so. Much. Fun!
The only problem was that her mom couldn't come because it had to be on the sly - a surprise for her dad for Christmas!

As the shoot was a surprise gift from Champers' mom to her dad, aunt Rebecca dutifully stepped to the plate to chaperone her on her very own shoot up in the lofty hills of Cape Town City Bowl .
She was a bit suspicious of the camera for the first few minutes, but it really didn't take long for her to realise that we were all there to cheer her on and make her look as beautiful and happy as she made her parents feel every day!


Maya + Ty's Forest Adventure

Maya and Ty are siblings that couldn't be more different in personality and in looks, but the bond they have with each other and their mom was so easy to capture as we strolled through the forests of Newlands one afternoon in October. 

Ty wasn't too impressed with the river-wading, though Maya took to it immediately and had a great time swimming in the shallow rock pools of cold mountain water!